About ENA

The European Nutraceutical Association (ENA) is devoted to providing a scientific platform for nutraceuticals.
The ENA sees itself as a partner to the American Nutraceutical Association (ANA), which was founded in 1997 and can already look back on a wide range of activities.

From the articles of association


Today, nutraceuticals occupy a firm place in many dietary interventions. In-depth scientific studies in this category of products are essential. Unlike in the USA, however, this field is given only rudimentary consideration in Europe. The European Nutraceutical Association (ENA) sees its main task in helping to eliminate the deficits in this sector by providing a platform for nutrition specialists who want to explore nutraceuticals in depth.

Article 1 - Name and domicile

Under the name “European Nutraceutical Association (ENA)” an association domiciled in Basel and registered in accordance with the Swiss Civil Code, Articles 60 et seq.

Article 2 - Purpose

The purpose of the association is to provide a scientific platform for nutraceuticals, including the promotion and organization of conferences and continuing education for nutrition specialists, the promotion and initiation of research projects in the field of nutraceuticals, the award of research prizes and publication of a scientific periodical.
The association may also be allied to related objectives. However, it always confines its activities to the pursuit of non-profit-making goals and does not pursue any commercial objectives.

The term Nutraceutical

Conventional wisdom draws a strict distinction between nutrtition/foodstuffs and medicines (or pharmaceuticals). According to this conventional view, foodstuffs primarily provide nutrition in the form of substances which the human body needs for normal development and maintenance of bodily functions. Medicines, on the other hand, are always seen as therapeutic agents in the context of disease and health. The more knowledge is obtained about the health-promoting effect of foods, the more blurred this seemingly strict separating line becomes between these two product groups. This is reflected in the word nutraceutical combining both the idea of nutrition and the concept of the pharmaceutical. And it is now a well established term.