Effective Nutraceuticals

The range of dietary supplements and other health-promoting food products (nutraceuticals) is practically unlimited and therefore can be confusing or unclear. It raises the question, which among these finally makes sense?
As a professional society that has taken on the task of the scientific examination of nutraceuticals, we will discuss in the following pages the scientifically well-documented nutrients and nutritional products (nutraceuticals), but without raising a claim to present a comprehensive study.

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Criteria according to which these pages are put together

1) Scientific
The basis for determining which nutraceuticals will be presented here is only the degree of scientific evidence.
Ideally, we draw on systematic reviews and in particular meta-analyses. These are scientific publications in which all the available trials on a subject are evaluated using appropriate scientific methods to arrive at a reliable statement about a topic.

2) Relevance
Since the abundance of nutraceuticals is almost limitless, we cannot discuss every nutrient.
The question we focus on is whether a nutrient also has significance in the application as nutraceutical.

3) Continuous updating of these pages
Science is constantly changing as scientific knowledge increases. We are endeavouring to keep pace with this development and to keep this site up-to-date with the latest scientific standards.

The following pages will continually expand with the addition of further nutrients.