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Event for nutrition specialists in Rimini; "Nutraceuticals and Medicine".

On 7 October 2006 the ENA held its first specialist congress in Italy. The theme of the conference was "Nutraceuticals and Medicine" and was designed for doctors and nutritional specialists. The subject of the papers ranged from “Science and.. more

President of the ENA receives Leadership Award

The ANA-Leadership Award for remarkable performance to promote the science behind neutraceuticals is being awarded every year by the American Nutraceutical Association (ANA. This year, Peter Prock MD, the president of our association received the... more

Certified Continuing Education Event "Polyphenols and Health", Berlin

Over 400 participants – medical practitioners, nutritional experts, pharmacists, natural scientists and sports scientists – from ten European Countries took part in the ENA Congress in February 2006 in Berlin. They were able to take home valuable... more