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Again meta-analysis on folic acid

Again the professional world is confronted with a meta-analysis on folic acid. As so frequent also this research lead to a publication in a renowned journal and causes appropriate headlines in the specialized media. more

Meta-analysis on antioxidants in new light

In February 2007 Goran Bjelakovic from the Cochrane Group and his team published a meta-analysis showing evidence for increased mortality due to antioxidant supplementation. Leading antioxidant researchers now have published a paper throwing new light on this issue by using a different approach but the same studies, with interesting results! more

Evidence Based Nutrition?

A conference of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN International) held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 3 July 2010 (1), adressed the question if whether it is admissible to talk about "evidence based nutrition" (EBN) in parallel to EBM, what this would look like, and what consequences it would have for so-called health claims.  more

Advance Notice: Nutraceuticals and Women’s Health, 12 March 2011 in Munich, Germany

The 7th annual conference of the European Nutraceutical Association (ENA) takes place in Munich, Germany on 12 March 2011. The scientific programme focuses on the topic „Nutraceuticals and Women’s Health“. more

The role of nutraceuticals in the treatment of obesity

Vienna, 13 March 2010 (ena) - The European Nutraceutical Association (ENA) addressed the subject of "Nutraceuticals and Obesity" on the occasion of their sixth Annual Conference attended by some 250 doctors, nutrition specialists, dietary assistants, pharmacists, natural scientists and sports scientists from Europe and the USA. Five internationally renowned experts presented the significance and the consequences... more

6th Annual Conference of the ENA in Vienna / Conference Update

In only a few weeks, on 13 March 2010, our CME event „Nutraceuticals and Obesity“ will take place. In the meanwhile the programme has been finalized – please have a look at our Congress Homepagemore