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ENA at the Vitafoods Europe in Geneva

The Vitafoods Europe in Geneva is one of the most important exhibitions in the nutraceutical industry. Around 12’500 visitors are awaited to take part at the event. The ENA is one of the supporting associations and Dr. Peter Prock, President of the ENA, will have a talk on “The Impact of the Health Claims Regulation on Nutraceutical Research”. We are looking forward to your visit! ENA members benefit from a 10% discount on the Vitafoods Europe Conference. more

Safety of Beta Carotene

Well-known studies on relatively high doses (1-2) of isolated beta-carotene gave indications of increased risk of lung cancer in a high risk population (smokers and asbestos workers). For years, the use of beta-carotene in food supplements for these risk groups was meant to be dangerous. Now, an expert panel of the European Food Safety Authority EFSA has given the all-clear and classified the daily intake of beta-carotene up to an amount of 15 mg in food additives or nutritional supplements as safe (3), even for smokers. more

Food-focused Cancer Prevention

In a randomized trial that included nearly 15,000 male physicians, long-term daily multivitamin use resulted in a modest but statistically significant reduction in cancer after more than a decade of treatment and follow-up, according to a study appearing in JAMA. more