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Newsletter 01/2017

Conference Quint Essence (CQE01)

Newsletter 01/2014

Effective Nutraceuticals

Newsletter 08/2013

Omega-3 fatty acids and ADHD

Nutraceuticals in the medical office

Fruit and Vegetable Intake and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

Vitamin B supplementation, homocysteine levels, and the risk of cerebrovascular disease

Newsletter 07/2013

New initiative against Hidden Hunger

Reduction of risk of breast cancer through marine n-3 PUFA

Eating one portion of fatty fish every week could halve the risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis

Newsletter 06/2013

NEJM article on n-3 fatty acids in in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors

Prof Helmut Sies awarded the Linus Pauling Institute Prize for Health Research

Newsletter 05/2013

Nutraceutical Research in Europe

An Update on Eye Health and Nutraceuticals

Newsletter 04/2013

Hidden Hunger

Cochrane Review on Vitamin C

Vitafoods Conference

ENA on LinkedIn

Newsletter 03/2013

Folic acid supplementation and cancer risk

Intake of fish vs. fish oil supplementation in the prevention of stroke

Members benefit from 30% discount on Manfred Lamprecht’s new book "Acute Topics in Sport Nutrition"

Newsletter 02/2013

Safety of Beta Carotene

Anthocyanin Intake and Myocardial Infarction

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Newsletter 01/2013

Conference Report 8th Annual Meeting of the ENA

Nutraceutical Research

Newsletter 12/2012

Press Release of the 8th Annual Conference of the ENA

Hidden Hunger Congress

Sporternährungsseminar / Accredited Continuing Education on Sports Nutrition

Accredited Continuing Education on Sports Nutrition

ENA board member Manfred Lamprecht edited book on sports nutrition

Newsletter 10/2012

What you can expect of our annual conference

Newsletter 09/2012

Conference Update

“Fish oil pills with omega-3 don’t help against disease”

Newsletter 08/2012

EFSA statements of interest

Newsletter 04/2012

8th Annual Meeting of the ENA 2012 in Munich, Germany

Call for Abstracts

Brochure “Dietary Supplements” now available in English

Newsletter 03/2012

Scientific Aspects of Weight Management

8th Annual Meeting of the ENA in Munich, Germany – SAVE THE DATE

New brochure about dietary supplements

Newsletter 01/2012

Congress Update

Must Read Articles in Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism (free for members)

Interesting Literature

Newsletter 11/2011

Call for Papers

Must Read Articles in ANM (free for members)

Interesting Literature

Newsletter 10/2011

How dangerous are dietary supplements?

Accredited continuing education "Scientific Aspects of Weight Management"

Newsletter 09/2011

ENA seminar „Sports Nutrition“

Interesting conferences

Newsletter 07/2011

EFSA rejects health claims for fruits and vegetables

ENA seminar on sport nutrition – still availability left

Newsletter 06/2011

ENA co-authored scientific paper

ENA contributes to the discussion on Health Claims

Newsletter 05/2011

The ENA launches new continued education in sports nutrition

Events with ENA representatives

Some interesting publications on phytonutrients

04/2011 Announcement

Prof Philip C. Calder new board member of the ENA

Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism the official journal of the ENA

Newsletter 04/2011

Nutraceuticals and Women’s Health

Newsletter 03/2011

7th Annual Conference of the ENA in Munich on 12 March 2011 / Conference Update

Recent Studies

Newsletter 10/10

Again meta-analysis on folic acid

Study with Omega-3 Product published in “Atherosclerosis”

Newsletter 09/10

Meta-analysis on antioxidants in new light

Newsletter 08/10

Back from the summer break

Evidence Based Nutrition

7. annual conference of the ENA in Munich, Germany

Call for Abstracts

Newsletter 06/10

Literature Service – further development

Literature Service – some highlights

Newsletter 04/10

6th Annual Conference of the European Nutraceutical Association

Latest issue of the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association

Newsletter 02/10

Conference Update

Literature-Service - some Highlights

6. Jahrestagung der ENA in Wien / Frühregistration

6th Annual Conference of the ENA in Vienna / Early bird registration

Newsletter 11/09

Opinion on the Cochrane Review of Folic Acid

New ENA Publication on Omega-3 fatty acids

Event Nutraceuticals and Obesity

Symposium on Lipids in Children

ENA Literature Service November 2009

Newsletter 10/09

ENA Homepage

Nutraceuticals and obesity

Announcement of a poster prize

Interesting publications

Newsletter 08-09/09

Back from the summer break

Literature Service July/August 2009 Highlights

Working party “Nutraceutical Research”

Newsletter 06/09

Antioxidantien and Sport

ENA Literature Service June 2009

Newsletter 05/09

Antioxidants and Chemotherapy

ENA literature service May 2009

Newsletter 04/09

New Literature Service provided by the European Nutraceutical Association

Nutritional effects on cognitive performance in children

Total plasma carotinoids and mortality

Newsletter 03/09

A look back at „Nutraceuticals: Proven and New“

Newsletter 02/09

Latest news about our conference

The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI): Yet another example of a failed vitamin study

Conference Update

Credits for Continuing Education

Newsletter 01/09

Antioxidants and the risk of cancer

Early registration fee for ENA annual conference only possible until 31st January 2009

New study published by Dr Manfred Lamprecht

Newsletter 12/08

Antioxidant supplements under attack again

Early registration for ENA Conference still possible

Newsletter 11/08

Nutrigenomics provide new findings on the administration of antioxidants for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

Newsletter 10/08

Nutraceuticals: proven and new.

Newsletter 04/08

Nutraceuticals in Sports

Newsletter 09/07

Preliminary Programme of the ENA Congress in Stuttgart, Germany, March 1st, 2008

Supplementation with Omega 3 Fatty Acids and CHD

About the Dosage of Vitamin E in Research

Novelties on our homepage

New members in the Research Advisory Board

Newsletter 08/07

JANA's current edition for members

Science critically scrutinised

Nutrition and Inflammation