Science behind Nutraceuticals

Der Vorstand der ENA

From left: Prof. Dr. Helmut Weidlich (ENA President), Dr. Cecilia Bender, Raquel Lima (ENA CEO), Dr. Christian Jaeggi

Helmut Weidlich, ENA President
PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Managing Director of Institut Kurz, group of laboratories, headquartered in Köln, Germany, which is specialized on nutraceuticals: * analysis of chemical composition and health effects of nutraceuticals, * consultancy concerning their legal requirements in Europe, * in silico simulation of their effects in the human body. He holds a Masters degree in Physics, in Economy and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He is member of different scientific committees concerning food and nutraceuticals and is a Honorary Professor of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, India, as well as Designated Expert for Nutraceuticals and Molecular Biophysics of All India Chamber of Commerce.

Cecilia Bender
PhD in Molecular Biology, studied at National University of Quilmes’ (UNQ) and National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA)’, both Buenos Aires, Argentina and did her PhD at University of Verona with a Study of human T-lymphotropic virus type 2 mRNA kinetics of expression and identification of a novel splicing site. Since 2011 Scientist and Manager of Istituto Kurz Italia srl, in Parma, where she has worked and abundantly published about human cell based analysis of health effects of food and nutraceuticals.

Raquel Lima, ENA CEO
Nutritionist with a professional formation in France, Brazil and Germany. Currently working as nutritionist at Nutra Lima and as a scientist at the Institut Kurz Germany (researches on: Oxidative processes, antioxidants and advanced glycation end products in the human body; In silício simulation of those effects), Editorial Board Member of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism – OAT and Board Member of NutraCos.

Christian Jaeggi
PhD in economics, University of Basel; five years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry (i. a. Assistant to the Roche President and CEO); three years of experience as CEO of a Pharma marketing agency; founder and for 22 years owner of the Institute of Medicine and Communication Ltd., Basel (administration of several Swiss medical associations, PCO, editor); founder and owner since 1992 of Jaeggi Communications, Biel-Benken; founding member of the Swiss Headache Society; member of the Swiss Association of Science Journalism; ENA member and former ENA Secretary.